Other Books bv Venerable Dhammika

All About Buddhism; pub by BDMS
An in-depth study of the Buddha's teachings. Ideal as a textbook for an introductory dhamma course.

Matreceta’s Hymn to the Buddha; pub by BDMS
A translation of 1st Century Buddhist devotional literature.

Buddha Vacanaj pub by BDMS
Daily readings from the sacred literature of Buddhism.

Praised By the Wise; pub by BDMS (EO.C.)
Read what great men and women of our time have said about the Buddha and His Teachings.

Navel of the Earth pub by BDMS
An account of the history and legends surrounding Bodh Gaya, the most sacred of all Buddhist sites.

Buddha and His Disciples; pub by BDMS
Discover what the Buddha was like through his interactions with his contemporaries.

Middle Land Middle Way; pub by BPS
A comprehensive guide book to the Buddha’s India.

The Edicts of King Asoka; pub by BPS
The edicts that King Asoka issued offer insights into the empire of this well known Buddhist king.

Gemstones of the Good Dhamma; pub by BPS
A small anthology of 210 verses from the Pali Tipitaka.

Encounters with Buddhism; pub by Graham Brash
Essays by people from both East and West telling of their conversion to Buddhism.

Savings of the Buddha; pub by Graham Brash
Selected sayings from the Pali Tipitaka.

Rahula Leads the Way; pub by BDMS
A book for children with delightful full-colour illustrations, coauthored and illustrated by Susan Harmer

The Buddha and His Friends : pub by Times Books International
The life of the Buddha and related stories in full-colour cartoon format, coauthored and illustrated by Susan Harmer. This is the first of a series of four cartoon books.

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